“Prima oara nu te vor lua in seama, apoi vor rade de tine, apoi vor lupta impotriva ta, apoi vei castiga !” Mahatma Gandhi

"Private Business Club este un proiect unic, asta-i cert. Am incercat din rasputeri sa inteleg toate detaliile dar cred ca de fapt inca nu le-a descoperit nimeni pe toate. Sunt extrem de multe oportunitati si idei si intr-un mod foarte interesant toate se leaga, aproape ca si cum cineva le-ar fi gandit chiar pe toate de la inceput.

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Foreign Trade News

Romania exports cars, transport equipment worth over EUR 7 bn in first 4 months of 2014

Romania exported, in the first four months of this year, cars and transport equipment worth 7.352 billion euros, by 671.3 million euros over the level in the same period of 2013, according to the data centralized by the National Statistics Institute (INS). The imports of cars and transport equipment stood at 6.547 billion euros, by 467.6 million euros higher than those in the period January to April 2013. Thus, a surplus of 804.4 million euros was recorded on this segment.

Public procurement

Romania requires offsets as a condition for the awarding of defense contracts. Romania revised its public procurement law in 2013, exempting certain state owned enterprises from the public procurement law and allowing them to use nontransparent procedures for their procurements. In an effort to enhance absorption of EU funds, the government has simplified the procurement procedures for private sector beneficiaries of EU funds.

EU Enlargement

In December 2006, the United States entered into negotiations with the EU, within the framework of the GATT 1994 provisions relating to the expansion of customs unions, regarding compensation for certain tariff increases related to Romania’s and Bulgaria’s EU accession on January 1, 2007. Upon accession to the EU, Romania and Bulgaria were required to change their tariff schedules to conform to the EU’s common external tariff schedule, which resulted in increased tariffs on the importation of certain, mainly agricultural, products. Under GATT Articles XXIV:6 and XXVIII, the United States is entitled to compensation from the EU to offset these tariff increases. In late 2011, the United States concluded negotiation of a bilateral compensation agreement with the EU covering several agricultural products, and the two sides signed the agreement in 2012. The agreement establishes or increases EU tariff-rate quotas allocated to the United States for several agricultural products. The United States and the EU brought the agreement into force on July 1, 2013.


In the presence of a significant number of members and partners "Private Business Club" has been officially launched. The project is based on the idea of ​​creating a community of people who enjoy a variety of business advantages.

In the presentation gave in the opening event held on the 15th floor of the Piraeus Tower in Bucharest, Mr. Dragos Nichita, founder and coordinator of the project, said: "PBCLUB is based on a unique concept in Romania, consisting of the combination of three elements: the need for cost optimization of any person or entity, appropriateness of extending activity in the financial sector and the desire to obtain additional gains".

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