IT & Electronics Trade / Energy & R.Estate Broker

NDF was founded in 2001 and has as main activities: the sale of various products (import / export), especially metal products, electronic products & services, information technology products and real estate brokerage services.

We focus on importing/exporting and distribution, we do not have a retail market approch yet. We trade metalurgica products homeland and foreign, secially in EU zone. In Electronic Equipment sector we usually import from outside the EU, because of the price efficiency regarding the productions of such products.

We have more than 12 years of foreign trading experience, and we espect even more to come, as we just expanding our product range trades.

In 2012 we became Real Estate Brokers as we had the need for offering this services to inside group retail clients (financial clients, investors, ..)

In 2014 we started the Energy Brokerage as the Europe Concil and the Romanian Government targets to fully opens the energy market. With more than 50 suppliers in this field we want to provide brokerage services for the local demand.